Real-Time Semantic Text Mining and Analysis

Automated Research Is Here

4DV is a browser-based, real-time semantic text mining and analysis tool designed to simplify complex research and reporting challenges in multi-source and multi-system environments.

4DV automates the most time-consuming research tasks, making the research process more relevant, more efficient and more cost-effective. Users spend less time collecting, managing and organizing data, and more time analyzing and drawing conclusions. Analysts report productivity increases up to 10x when using the using the 4DV system regardless of the subject matter being researched.


Expansive Data Acccess

Query multiple data sources at the same time. 4DV easily hooks up to search engines, databases, and internal repositories.

Visualized Searching

Describe research questions using simple, intuitive concept trees. Avoid complicated syntax–4DV automatically visualizes and translates questions into complex queries, and can run thousands of searches at once


Geographic Queries

Identify information relevant to a specific location. Use keywords from our comprehensive geo-database or simply draw the search on a map. Find nearby facilities in our customized map layers

Quick Noise Removal

Remove noise using custom filters, without having to re-query. Use proprietary technology to specify proximity of ideas and topic importance

Situational Awareness

Monitor and understand the complexities of an ongoing event as it develops and changes over time


Topic Monitoring

Track activity about a topic without being tied to the computer. Receive alerts about global developments via email or SMS

Organized Results

View results sorted by topic, and use automatic highlighting to quickly determine the usefulness of an article. Harness 4DV’s complex algorithms to view the most relevant news first – not just the most popular

Share Your Findings

Save key findings to a report. 4DV automatically attaches citation information and generates the report layout, and saves the report to PDF, DOC, or KML in one click

4DV Research Case Studies

Empowering Productivity

4DV Analytics has utilized a number of case studies to benchmark the success of the 4DV system in comparison to its traditional research counterparts. Overall, the studies revealed that researchers using 4DV experienced significant reductions in task completion time, thereby demonstrating the productivity multiplications of the system.

Assessment of Public U.S. Defense Posture Element

Complete assessment of a scenario in 2.5 weeks of what previously had taken over 12 months. A Department of Defense team was asked to provide an assessment of the public perception of the U.S. Defense posture regarding several key areas of government policy. After 12 months, it had not produced a final product. 4DV Analytics was asked to evaluate the same topic and return a completed report. 4DV Analytics’ team of two analysts delivered a complete assessment of the scenario in 2.5 weeks.

Global Situational Awareness Application

Developed 23 topic structures and made them re-useable for relevant scenarios. 4DV Analytics was asked to support a geospatial monitoring situation using 4DV. 4DV Analytics' experts developed 23 topic structures relevant to the subject matter of interest in 2 weeks, and made them available for re-use in relevant scenarios. The templates were re-used on thousands of targets and significantly reduced the time needed to construct each monitoring template.

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